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Welcome to the passionate, engaging and effervescent Summerhill International School.

The purpose of education is to eliminate bias.

A Message
from the Director

Thank you for visiting our website. With 50 years of experience as one of the most prestigious preschools/kindergartens in the Moto Azabu area, we are delighted to introduce our school, which has been providing the best early childhood education since 1962. Our mission is to help children become successful life-long learners and thinkers by using a play-based approach along with the IB framework, which is an internationally recognized form of inquiry-based learning.

Summerhill International School is a place where children’s happiness is our top priority. Our children come from 15 different countries. Once they step into our school, they are encouraged to explore the enriched and inviting learning spaces to stimulate their burgeoning curiosity. The amiable classrooms, bright and cozy library, and outside play area are designed for our children to enjoy learning and to develop their interests. An abundance of opportunities is given throughout the year for children to experience the differences and similarities of other cultures, traditions, and celebrations, while having both international and local families and faculties involved. Summerhill’s enriched learning activities support the development of international-mindedness and future global citizenship.

As a school, we believe in the potential, possibilities, and capabilities of young children. We support their growth and development in all areas, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially, while recognizing the uniqueness of each child in their learning journey.

Yoshino Plaza – School Director

Our teachers

Our educators at Summerhill International School hail from a range of countries, which further enhances our international community and approach to learning. We draw from a range of experiences, curriculums, and educational philosophies, which encourage a range of learning experiences in our school. Our educators have taught in Japan, Australia, Singapore, China, Russia, Vietnam, the UK, the UAE, and Portugal, which informs our practice and approach to learning.


Not just teach but learn with children
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I am passionate about encouraging the wonder and desire to explore and guiding children to allow their natural curiosity to direct their learning.
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I believe children have unlimited possibilities, and it is really important to be there for them as a teacher to maximize their possibilities.
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Learning with kids is an absolute passion of mine and I am very excited to be here with you all.
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Being a teacher, I am able to understand each kids identity, personality, and growth development.
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I believe every individual has their own unique ways and capabilities as a learner.
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I want school to be students’ second home.
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I absolutely love being creative and having a lot of fun!
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Nothing inspires me more than seeing children's eyes light up when they experience or learn something new!
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I value play, creativity, and collaboration, and do my best to facilitate and support enquiry based learning based on real experiences.
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I have been working with kids ages 3, 4, and 5 since middle school, which was one of the most enjoyable times of my life.
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I think being internationally minded means that you are open-minded to differences and you have the ability to accept ideas that are different from yours.
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I want our pupils to grow up to be independent, resilient, and proactive. If they are confident in themselves, they can take on the world.