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Welcome to the passionate, engaging and effervescent Summerhill International School.

The purpose of education is to eliminate bias.

A Message
from the Director

When you walk through the doors at our school, your traditional views of education will be challenged. Our walls are vibrant, our environments are engaging, our children are … happy.

Our children come to Summerhill to explore learning at their own pace, their own interests as well as focus on their own challenges and development. We acknowledge that children learn when they are engaged, when their curiosity is piqued and they want to learn more. After all, our favourite phrase is ‘Why?’. But learning through inquiry allows more in depth lines of questioning, such as ‘How come?”, “I wonder what happens if…” all these lines of inquiry are crucial for helping children develop critical thinking skills and to continue evolving as lifelong learners.

Our teachers

Our educators at Summerhill International School hail from a range of countries, which further enhances our international community and approach to learning. We draw from a range of experiences, curriculums, and educational philosophies, which encourage a range of learning experiences in our school. Our educators have taught in Japan, Australia, Singapore, China, Russia, Vietnam, the UK, the UAE, and Portugal, which informs our practice and approach to learning.


My main inspiration for teaching is my love for children. I enjoy seeing the look on the children’s faces when they learn something new.
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I believe that children learn through play, building on their curiosity.
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I think being internationally minded means that you are open-minded to differences and you have the ability to accept ideas that are different from yours.
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Children constantly impress me with their unique way of thinking and being, and all of their love and innocence gives me so much happiness in my life.
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Nothing inspires me more than seeing children's eyes light up when they experience or learn something new!
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It fascinates me to see how young children are curious about their world and have a strong potential to learn from all that surrounds them.


I believe every individual has their own unique ways and capabilities as a learner.
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I want school to be students’ second home.
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I believe that teaching is a lifelong learning. As the saying goes, “When we stop learning, we stop growing.”
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I value play, creativity, and collaboration, and do my best to facilitate and support enquiry based learning based on real experiences.
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