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We offer wide range of materials to work with in purposefully designed learning areas


At Summerhill, we aim to develop each child into a well-balanced individual through engaging environments that support children’s curiosity and wonder, engage them, and offer them a wide range of materials to work with in purposefully designed learning areas.

We offer activities that allow children to grow in independence and take responsibility for their own learning and a Reggio-inspired approach that focuses on crucial, 21st century skills, such as “learning how to learn,” creativity, and critical thinking.

As early childhood educators, we do not just emphasize academic content, such as numbers, reading, and writing. We aim to support the holistic development of the learner—that is, their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative, and language development.

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There are eight big ideas that underpin Summerhill International School’s learning philosophy

  • An image of the child as competent. Children are respected as strong and competent learners and sophisticated thinkers and communicators who are curious and interested in their world
  • An understanding that play and conversation are the central modes of learning
  • A recognition that the curriculum has research-based intellectual and pedagogical integrity
  • The importance of seeing the learner within a socio-cultural context where knowledge is constructed as the child interacts with both the physical and interpersonal environment
  • The ongoing commitment by educators to view themselves as researchers who work with colleagues, children, and families to deepen their own understanding of their teaching
  • The facilitation of flexible environments that recognize that children learn not only from their teachers and peers but also from their interactions with the physical environment
  • Educators who demonstrate accountability for children’s learning through reflective pedagogical documentation
  • The establishment of a reciprocal partnership with parents, recognizing them as the child’s first educator


Summerhill offers an exceptional launching point for parents who want their children to begin or continue their immersion in an English-speaking educational setting. Summerhill delivers the core content in English, but acknowledging that Japan is our host country, we offer experiences in Japanese to our expat families to ensure that students have significant exposure to the language.

With sustained exposure to English from 18 months on, children learn to think and understand concepts in two different languages and communicate effectively in them.

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Accredited IB school that offers Primary Years Programme
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