Accredited IB school that offers the IB Primary Years Programme.

Summerhill is an accredited IB school that offers the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), in addition to classes and activities for children as young as 15 months. Class times are from 9am to 2pm, and an extended day program that runs until 5pm is available for children whose parents both work.

Our program creates opportunities to enhance children’s development to ensure they develop in a welcoming and warm environment that gives them the best possible chance to love learning, socialize, and develop at their own pace.

IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)
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The guiding educational principle at the school for the K1 and K2 classes (ages 15 months to three years) is learning through play. Children have the freedom to participate in activities that they initiate or that are directed by teachers. This approach creates a secure but challenging environment, where children can:

  • Explore, develop, and represent learning experiences that help them to make sense of the world
  • Practice and build up ideas, concepts, and skills
  • Take risks and make mistakes
  • Think creatively and imaginatively
  • Communicate with others as they investigate or solve problems
  • Develop self-regulation and build social skills

Throughout the day and during the various play activities at the school, teachers take on a crucial role of guiding children’s learning. With a curriculum that caters for an individualized approach to learning, prime areas such as numeracy, literacy and social skills develop more authentically.

Summerhill also puts a high priority on encouraging students to be effective communicators. Children at Summerhill are continually working on their listening and observing skills, and gradually develop the capacity to express their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with confidence.

This approach develops children who are knowledgeable, open-minded, thoughtful, curious, and caring. They also find success after they graduate, and students from the school move on to prestigious international schools.

Our Classes

At Summerhill we have five separate classes for children of different ages and needs. All five classes are from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 2pm. Our weekly program is fully flexible, but depending on the age group the minimum days per week will vary.

K1–K2 Sun Classes

15 months to 3 years old
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K5 Star Class

5 to 6 years old
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After School Program

We also offer an extended day program designed for children with parents who both work, providing a relaxed environment after a day in class with creative and nature-oriented activities.

From 2pm to 3pm every day we offer after-school activities starting from the K3 (Half Moon) Class age group and up, while the youngest K1–K2 (Sun) Classes can enjoy extended day programs and after-school programs during the same hours.

After School Program
Exciting range of programs open to both students and the public
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