After School Program

Interested families who are not currently part of the Summerhill community are also welcome to join our after school program.

At Summerhill, we have an exciting range of after-school programs that are open to both our full-time students and the public at large.

The after-school programs offer children the chance to participate in an activity that they are interested in, such as sports, ballet, piano, yoga, science, painting, Lego, Japanese, English, and more. Our after-school programs are open to anyone who can actively participate in the class, whether they are enrolled at Summerhill or not.

After School Program Schedule
Mon–Thu 2–3pm/3–4pm

Interested families who are not currently part of the Summerhill community are also welcome to join our after-school program. Please e-mail our school at for more information and to apply.

The Programs


Grace, balance, beauty and concentration


Games, stories, phonics, writing, crafts, songs, and lots of fun English activities

Little Artists Studio

Students will learn about a famous artist and see an example of work, the students will then get to recreate a subject based on the artists style profile.

Forest School

Students can learn about nature through play, games, exploration and arts in her class.


Japanese culture, hiragana/katakana, calligraphy, songs, stories, origami

Outdoor fitness & fun

Encourage a love of physical activity by exposing them fun fitness.

Construction Club

Construction Club aim to foster self motivation, resilience, and character building in a supportive environment.

Science Club

Children will be introduced to science concepts through in door and outdoor hands on activities and experimentation in a fun and interesting way.

Drawing Club

Indoor and outdoor sketching, Portrait-making, lettering, D.I.Y Projects, Doodling.

Outdoor Explorers program

This program is designed for children who are interested in investigating the natural world and utilizing the outdoors as a simulating learning environment.

Piano lesson

Teaching piano in the after school program twice a week.