After School Program

Interested families who are not currently part of the Summerhill community are also welcome to join our after school program.

At Summerhill, we have an exciting range of after-school programs that are open to both our full-time students and the public at large.

The after-school programs offer children the chance to participate in an activity that they are interested in, such as sports, ballet, piano, yoga, science, painting, Lego, Japanese, English, and more. Our after-school programs are open to anyone who can actively participate in the class, whether they are enrolled at Summerhill or not.

After School Program Schedule
Mon–Thu 2–3pm/3–4pm

Interested families who are not currently part of the Summerhill community are also welcome to join our after-school program. Please e-mail our school at for more information and to apply.

The Programs


Grace, balance, beauty and concentration

Young Artist Club

We will be creating paintings, collages, clay models, sculptures, D-I-Y costumes & recycled art!

Book Club

In this class, we will be exploring a variety of books every week. Children will be using their creativity and imagination in creating arts, crafts and projects inspired by a book of the week. Fun games and hands - on activities will also be incorporated in our book discussion to spark curiosity and interest.

Outdoor Fitness & Fun

We offer a variety of sports including cross fitness, running, soccer, and park time.

Animals Around The World

In this class we will be diving into the world of animals, who share this amazing planet with us. We will learn a variety of things about different animals all around the world. We will also do a craft or game related to that animal once we finish learning about it.

Cooking Class

In this class, we will learn about how to use kitchen utensils and ingredients and understand the process of how meals or desserts are created.

Japanese Class

This year for our Japanese class, there will be two different levels. Beginner Japanese Class will be for non-native Japanese speakers as we will learn basic and daily used Japanese words related to themes and subjects. Advanced Japanese Class will be for native Japanese speakers as the class content can include using Japanese for writing, reading, and comprehension. In both classes, we can have fun learning by playing games and singing songs!

Drama Club

Would you like to create a whole new world full of fantasy, mystery, adventures and friendship? Lucky you! This is your Club. Come join us and learn how to put on a play and most importantly, let’s have fun!

The Magical World of Math

Greetings to the future mathematicians! We will explore numbers, shapes, and other math skills throughout the year with songs, books, hands-on activities, and games. No need to prepare anything! Come and join us with a positive mindset!

Kids Yoga

Yoga introduces children to moving muscles in new ways and challenges them to become more aware of each body part. Yoga can help children become strong, brave, compassionate, and mindful, and empower them to continue practicing these values off the mat, in school, and in everyday life.