After School Program

Interested families who are not currently part of the Summerhill community are also welcome to join our after school program.

At Summerhill, we have an exciting range of after-school programs that are open to both our full-time students and the public at large.

The after-school programs offer children the chance to participate in an activity that they are interested in, such as sports, ballet, piano, yoga, science, painting, Lego, Japanese, English, and more. Our after-school programs are open to anyone who can actively participate in the class, whether they are enrolled at Summerhill or not.

After School Program Schedule
Mon–Thu 2–3pm/3–4pm

Interested families who are not currently part of the Summerhill community are also welcome to join our after-school program. Please e-mail our school at for more information and to apply.

The Programs


In this class, children will learn the proper way to stretch and move their body as a dancer does. Children will be taught ballet in an authentic manner by a professional instructor.

Kids Craft Club

We will be creating collages, clay models, sculptures, accessories, costumes, D-I-Y toys, recycled art and more!

Music and Movement

Action songs, dances, playing with instruments and gamesare excellent opportunities to move the whole body and improve language, social-emotional development and promote creative expression.

Outdoor Fitness & Fun

This class provides students with opportunities to have a healthy mind, develop strong physical strength, and a team-player mindset.

Piano Class

We will have a chance to learn about music,some basic finger drills and rhythm.

Cooking Class

In this class, we will learn how to use cooking utensils, try new foods,experience various ingredients and food, and have fun.

Tsubaki Class (Japanese Class)

This class gives an opportunity for foreign students to learn Japanese.

Songs to inspire art

In this class, the children will be introduced to a variety of songs that they can learn to sing!

Math Club

In this class, children will be exposed todifferent ways of learning numbers andshapes, including arts and crafts, songs,books, games, and more activities.

Kids Yoga

Yoga introduces children to moving muscles in new ways and challenges them to become more aware of each body part.

Wonderful words!

A weekly explanation of wonderful words that help children develop their vocabulary.

Drama Club

Let's create a whole new world full of fantasy, mystery and adventures!


Nurture your child's love for music and playing instruments though the ukulele.