Internationally minded means that you are open-minded to differences.

To me, being internationally minded means being open-minded to differences and having the ability to accept ideas that are different from yours.

Hi there! I’m Hana. It’s been a delight working at this school and watching Summerhill evolve and grow over the years. A little bit about myself…I was born in the US and moved to Japan when I was six and went to an international school for my elementary and middle school years. I then moved back to the US and lived there from high school to my young adult years.

I’ve always had a passion to contribute to the younger generation. I believe preschool years are the foundational years for who they become when they are older. My goal is to help them feel understood, provide them with the skills to express who they are and offer the tools to find what they are looking for by creating a supportive and nurturing environment. I value communicating with the parents as I believe it is important to collaborate and work together to help raise their child during their years here at Summerhill.

My role as a PYP Coordinator is to assist teachers with their curriculum planning, their classroom environment, student assessment and development, and really anything that happens within and sometimes outside the classroom. I have so much to learn each day, but it’s been a joy working with a wonderful, supportive group of educators.