Moon Classes

Half Moon (K3) & Full Moon (K4)

As an accredited Primary Years Programme international preschool, our curriculum reflects and recognizes a child’s natural curiosity, creativity and ability to reflect.

The PYP framework generates a stimulating, challenging learning environment to nurture those assets and foster a lifelong love of learning in every child. The PYP is a transdisciplinary program, meaning students learn across subject areas while investigating big ideas.

The environment in the Moon classes stimulates a child’s natural interest in literacy and numeracy, science, and the real world. Children at this stage experiment with letters and sounds, and begin to make sense of the written, read, and spoken word.

Through play and inquiry, numerical sense is developed and explored. Through meaningful and authentic projects, children make theories, test hypotheses, ask questions, and learn through collaboration and exploration.

Emphasis continues to be on creative expression through art, music, and movement. Children begin to more fully develop their social skills and interactions become more complex. Empathy and self-esteem continue to be developed.

Half Moon (K3) Class

3–4 years old
3 years old by August 31
5 day program

Full Moon (K4) Class

4–5 years old
4 years old by August 31
5 day program


At Summerhill we have five separate classes for children of different ages and needs. All five classes are from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 2pm.

We also offer an extended day program designed for children with parents who both work, providing a relaxed environment after a day in class with creative and nature-oriented activities.

From 2pm to 3pm every day we offer after-school activities starting from the K3 (Half Moon) Class age group and up, while the youngest K1–K2 (Sun) Classes can be in babysitting to assist parents who work.

After School Program
Mon–Thu 2pm–3pm/3pm–4pm
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