Not just teach but learn with children

Hello everyone! I’m Claudia and I’m from Spain, a country famous for the Flamenco dance and paellas!
I graduated with a degree in BA in Asian Studies in Sevilla, a specialist in politics, economics, religions, and cultures of China, Japan, and Korea. I can speak Spanish, English and Japanese. After graduating, I lived in Northern Ireland for a year, so you might be hearing Belfast accent when I speak!

I’ve been working with children since I was in college and it still fascinates me how they teach me something new. Working at Summerhill is a great opportunity to know more of their stories and not just teach but learn with them.

I have tons of hobbies but I’ll try to share some of them. I truly love drawing Manga, illustrations, and kids books. I like playing video games, cooking and sewing. I spend most of my time studying Japanese. I’m in love with the language, especially Kanji!