I believe every individual has their own unique ways and capabilities as a learner.

I enjoy trying to see the world from the perspective of a child, learning through the eyes of a child inspires me to keep learning. In addition, I particularly love music, playing piano and dancing, and enjoy doing it in class with children as well.

Hello! I am Yan. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I started my career as a kindergarten teacher ever since I graduated from an institution college studying Early Childhood Education. I gained my teaching license in Hong Kong and have been teaching in an International School for almost 10 years!! I also have experience teaching overseas when I was living in Hawaii.

My passion for being an educator has been growing and growing. It empowers me when I see students spark with joy and curiosity in class discussions and activities, which in return empowers their learning. Education is always a two way street, I teach and I also learn everyday.

Through all the years of teaching in different age groups, I have plenty of experiences but not one until now I truly had stepped in a parenting shoe. I believe becoming a mother has made me an even better educator, or co-teacher with any parents. I would love to share parenting skills with all my students’ parents as well.

Personally, I love music, dancing, traveling and diving. You are welcome to share your experiences and tell me your story. I love hearing from others and learning from everyone as well! Joining Summerhill has been such a pleasure for me as I have met such diverse, thoughtful and caring teachers. I am excited to see you all in Summerhill!