Tuitions & Scholarship

Scholarship Program

Summerhill realizes that not all foreign families in Tokyo are equally privileged when it comes to placing their children in competitively priced international schools. For those finding it difficult to make ends meet, the only alternative may be to send their children to a Japanese school, where their children may find it hard to adjust because of language and cultural differences. To help these families, we created the No Child is Left Behind in Tokyo scholarship program.

Summerhill will fund a portion of the school tuition for those who have been approved for the scholarship. The portion is not fixed but is “need-based,” meaning the amount allotted to an applicant is the amount needed under his/her particular circumstances. Requirements are proof of income and that the child is non-Japanese. Special consideration is given to those children who will be returning to their home country in the near future and need to continue their education in English. If you cannot afford tuition at an international preschool and feel that your child is eligible for the scholarship, please click on the link below to download the application form. At Summerhill, we believe every child deserves an equal opportunity.