Summerhill is the very bright colorful atmosphere inside the building that we felt would inspire their young minds.

Choosing the best learning environment for your children is always a challenge and with Summerhill we made the right decision. Learning in a nice and friendly environment and being taught by enthusiastic teachers, our kids made amazing progress in life and learning skills. The small and wonderful community supported us to settle in Tokyo and Summerhill became a second home for our kids.

Ms. R.S

As a foreigner with my Japanese wife living in Japan 20 plus years with 2 daughters who have both schooled from K1 to K4 attending SummerHill International School in Motoazabu over the period of 2016 – 2021 we were very pleased how we were treated by the very kind, hospitable and helpful office management of Kathryne Imabayashi, Yoshino Plaza, Larisa Dybovskaya and the teaching staff.

What first attracted us to SummerHill is the very bright colorful atmosphere inside the building that we felt would inspire their young minds.

The parks were close by and we felt safe with our girls there in the co-ed enviroment. The parents of all the students were all very much included and involved in all aspects of the school events. We found from SummerHill both our girls were able to keep their multi lingual skills in Japanese, Maori and English

We found out afterwards from taking them to SummerHill International the girls were able to attain and thrive at the international level requried for English, social skills for mindful thinking and the manner requried to enter (ISSH)The International School of the Sacred Heart for Girls in Tokyo which they now attend for Junior School, Middle school and in the future High School.

Everyone’s story is different but from our experience we were very much satisfied. If we have another child we are sure to attend SummerHill international school Motoazabu in Tokyo Japan.

Mr. J.V




Ms. S.K