School Tour

Join our School Tour to learn more about the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) for Early Years that we offer to our students. Learn about what the PYP is, the benefits for your child in an international setting and our focus on Early Years literacy and learning through play. Discover the learning journey our children go on and excel at whilst enrolled at Summerhill and the schools our children go on to beyond graduation.
Witness a school day in action, share in our learning and see the real difference Summerhill International School is making in Early Years education in Tokyo.

During the School tour you will hear about how children learn at Summerhill and the philosophy behind it, the admissions process, a glimpse into school life, including our school bus service, annual events, after school activities, etc.

Spaces are limited, so please email(, call our office at 03-3453-0811 or use our online contact form to make an appointment for a school tour. We look forward to providing you with the details you require in your decision-making process!