ALA Summer Program

August 5 - August 9, 2019

Aoba Action Learning Academy (ALA) English Summer School 2019 is around the corner!
Let’s have fun learning English through actions this summer!

Location & Schedule
Moto-Azabu Campus (Summerhill): August 5 – August 9
2-13-8 Moto-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046 (7 minutes’ walk from Azabu-juban Sta.・12 minutes’ walk from Hiroo Sta.・14 minutes’ walk from Roppongi Sta.)

4 years old ~ 10 years old

Program Overview
In the morning, there will be an intensive English session aimed at improving students’ English skills through contents extracted from ALA Saturday School’s Interactive English program and fun English games. There will also be an hour of outdoor play time every day.
In the afternoon, we will have theme related inquiry-based activities.
There will be a field trip each week (no extra fees).

Theme related Activities
World Explorers ~Celebrating a Multicultural World~

Time to get to know people around the world. This topic will take kids across the globe to explore their favorite countries and learn a little about various cultures and how others live. Each day, kids will enjoy learning about authentic foods, traditional games and cultures. This is going to be a week of FUN celebrations of the multicultural world that we are living in!

Sample Schedule
09:00~09:10 Drop-off
09:10~09:30 Circle Time
09:30~10:30 Outdoor play
10:30~10:50 Snack time
10:50~11:50 Intensive English session
11:50~12:50 Lunch time
12:50~13:30 Free play
13:30~14:30 Theme related activities
14:30~14:45 Wrap up
14:45~14:50 Get ready for home
14:50~15:00 Pick up time & communication time with teachers

Fee Schedule (all tax excluded, currency is Yen)

Registration Fee: 10,000 yen
* Those who have participated in Aoba (international / bilingual) main school, AJE / ALA  Saturday, or AJE camp in the past 12 months are exempt.
** If you register for another ALA program within 12 months after payment of Summer School 2019, only the difference will be charged.

Program Fee (lunch fee and field trip fee included): 60,000 yen

* For participation by siblings, a discount of 10% will apply for the second person on wards. If the number of weeks of participation differs, the discount will be applied to the sibling with fewer participation weeks.

** Only applications for a full week’s program will be accepted (i.e. you cannot enroll for only a few days). A JPY10,000/day refund for will be applied if the date(s) of absence has(have) been informed to the office 1 month prior to the starting date of the program.

Application Method

Please fill out the application form from ALA’s website by Thursday, July 25.

After receiving your application, we will contact you regarding the payment method and other information via email.
* An application is required for each child.

Application deadline: Thursday, July 25

* We recommend you to apply early as we have limited places for each campus.

Should you have any questions, please contact ALA office directly:
Tel: 090-2561-9760